Native American House Alliance was founded by indigenous people and allies to promote an accurate understanding of the Native American experience, history, and culture.  We are a tax-exempt organization operating here in Philadelphia.   All that we do will aid in dispelling prevailing stereotypes and generalizing cultural representations of American Indians by providing culturally-specific programs and information about the contemporary as well as historical cultures of distinct tribes and communities within the United States, and especially here in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region.

Our services will include . . .

  • Cultural and social activities
  • Assistance obtaining tribal affiliation/ tribal card
  • Preserve and protect Native American sites and places
  • Drug and alcohol counseling/ referrals
  • Employment services
  • Housing referrals
  • Youth activities
  • Social Service Grants
  • Helping people get oriented

To qualify for services, you must be an enrolled member in a Native American Tribe. NAHA will assist in obtaining this information and or with enrollment.

NAHA is proud to announce a partnership with the Native American Employment and Training Program.

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