1. Foster and preserve Native American Culture, arts and crafts, spiritual growth through Native American teachings.
  2. Promote educational enhancement among the Native American Indian population in Philadelphia,  PA.
  3. Strive for the elimination of prejudice towards and within Native American communities and American communities.
  4. Inform and conduct programs about Native American history and culture.
  5. Aid in family services, housing, and employment.
  6. Serve as a voice to insist  and or demand that federal, state, and local services be made available to the Native American community.
  7. Promote social and economic development/empowerment services that promotes self-help among the Native American populations.
  8. Raise funds through campaigns, grants and or loans, and all lawful means and to receive, expend funds that especially effectuate the objectives of this membership alliance.
  9. Acquire real estate and equipment by purchase, or gifts, grants and bequests and hold, own, and accept such donations to build capacity of the organization.
  10. Create much needed Philadelphia and Pennsylvania Native American Commissions.
  11. Build an innovative nationally-focused Native American Cultural Center and Museum.
  12. To hold an annual NAHA powwow held in Philadelphia.
  13. To establish the first Commission on Indian Affairs in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania.

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