Native American House Alliance, Inc.

Native American History Month 2022

Native American Children need your help NOW!!! Help us protect and defend ICWA today.

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Our mission is to foster and preserve Native American culture, as well as to promote an accurate understanding of the Native American experience, history, and culture.

About Us

Native American House Alliance (NAHA) is an urban non-profit that will promote the general welfare of Native Americans in the Philadelphia area. There is a growing need for social services among the Native American community in the Philadelphia area. There are over 6,000 Native Americans living in Greater Philadelphia, many with no ties to their culture or tribes. We will strive to preserve and protect Native American history, and culture, as well as conserve and protect Native American sites and places.

How You Can Help

NAHA is raising funds to support our projects in the making. Any amount that you feel suitable is welcome. Thank you!